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Oriented Martian Meteorite / NWA 2975

Oriented Martian Meteorite

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Paired with the NWA 2975

Weight: 101.90g

Size:~50 mm x 40 mm and 15-20 mm


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Martian meteorite oriented with radiated flow lines from the apex


Individual preliminarily paired with the NWA 2975 and NWA 2986 (note that Michael Farmer or Jim Strope only can used the numbers NWA 2975 and NWA 2986). Abstract on NWA 2975 "An Evolved Basaltic Shergottite with Vesicular Glass Pockets and Trapped Melt Inclusions" LPSC 37 by J. Wittke, T. Bunch et al. in March 2006.  



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