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Winonaite Sahara 02029

The winonaite Sahara 02029 (shock S5, weathering grade W2) was found in the Sahara desert CO-ORDINATES: z+0°13'43" N w+0°31'08" W DATE OF FIND: 2002 T. K.W: 88g A stone, with well preserved fusion crust weighing 88g, was found during one of our meteorites collecting in 2002. The Sahara 02029 is a winonaïte, one of the rarest achondrite. The slices displays many 120° triple jonctions. One 88 g stone was found by Labenne. Classification and mineralogy (M. Bourot-Denise, MNHNP): quidimensional silicate grains, with abundant 120° triple junctions, grain size mainly in the range 200-300 µm; wide black veins. Olivine, Fa2.6; low-Ca pyroxene, Fs3.2. Fe-Ni metal contains 0.6 wt% P and forms large (500 µm) isolated grains; troilite contains 2.1 wt% Crand fills cracks. Minor minerals include diopside (Fs1.4-5.5),plagioclase, schreibersite, daubréelite. Shock stage S5,weathering grade W2. Specimens: type specimen 18.5 g,MNHNP; main mass with finders.

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