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Pallasite Los Vientos 263, Chile - LoV 263

Unique pallasite found in Chile, Atacama desert January 2018. A single stone found by Luc Labenne (owner of this web site in the Los Vientos collection area. Ungrouped pallasite with approximately equal quantities of metal, olivine and pyroxene. Geochemistry: Mineral compositions and Geochemistry: (R. Hewins and S. Pont, MNHNP; J. Gattacceca and C. Sonzogni, CEREGE; M. Humayun, FSU. The δ18O distinguishes this meteorite from main-group pallasites. The kamacite contains 5.7% Ni (EMP), 5.65% Ni, s.d. 0.05 (ICP-MS), making it distinct from metal in other pallasites. Classification: (R. Hewins MNHN) Pallasite (ungrouped). Story: I was in this fabulous mineral desert for meteorite hunting in January 2018 for the purpose of shooting a documentary for TF1 (TV show in Europe) when I I picked up a very strange heavy stone, which did not have the obvious appearance of most meteorites. This stone in hand, I quickly understood, in the minute that followed the discovery, as being a very unusual meteorite and potentially a pallasite with small crystals. This meteorite is now confirmed to be a unique pallasite in its composition with both olivine and pyroxene crystals. Enjoy on my Youtube this video: Luc Labenne de Labenne Meteorites

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