Lunar Meteorites

Lunar meteorites, large inventory of lunaites included Luna A, Lunar B, Lunar M and Lunar G. There are fewer than 200 meteorites known to be pieces of Earth's Moon (lunar meteorites) and only 110 unpaired lunar meteorites. The total weight of all recovered moon meteorites is less than 90kg (199 lbs). It's not so much compared to hundreds of tons of high cutting quality diamonds are found each year. Lunar meteorites are highly unique and precious treasures from space. Besides their rarity, lunar meteorites are of major scientific interest, and importance because they originate from areas of the Moon that were not sampled by the Apollo or Luna missions. Most lunaites in our collections have been blasted from the lunar highlands that cover the far side of the Moon. Only a few lunar meteorites have their origin from the smooth lowlands, the maria of the near side, which served as the preferred landing sites for the Apollo missions. Three major types of lunaites have been sampled in form of meteorites thus far: anorthositic highland breccias (LUN A), lunar mare basalts (LUN B), and mingled breccias (LUN M) containing both, mare material, and highland rocks.

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