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NWA 8694 Chassignite

The NWA 8694 is a Chassignite, the third martian meteorite of this type (Chassigny, the type name fell in Chassigny, Haute Marne, France, on 3 October 1815). As noticed by Roger Hewing, the NWA 8694 has typical chassignite petrography (abundant olivine, interstitial pyroxenes and melt inclusions in olivine. See the meteorite bulletin The martian meteorite Northwest Africa 8694 (NWA 8694) is a single stone, almost entirely covered by fusions crust. Petrography and classification: (Roger Hewins, Sylvain Pont, Brigitte Zanda, MNHNP) This meteorite is a cumulate dunite with 85% highly fractured olivine, classified as a chassignite. As the textures and mineral assemblages are almost identical to those of Chassigny and NWA 2737, the olivine and pyroxene compositions are intermediate between those of Chassigny and Nakhla.
NWA 8694 Chassignite

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