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The easiest way to determine your finger size is to have a ring to try on. The ring sizing guide below gives you a method of making paper rings in actual sizes. Follow the directions as the printed size of the red bars will need adjustment to true measurements. Caution: many people have a larger knuckle than the size of the finger digit. The ring must be big enough to pass over the knuckle. Print out this page, and following the instructions to adjust the "RED" bars. Due to the actions of software, and the fact that most printers will change the size of the printed objects, as compared to their actual size. You must measure the red bars after printing, and adjust their length to the actual listed dimensions. The red portion would be the "real" size if perfectly reproduced. Most of the time the red area will be shorter than it's real size. The gray area is to provide extra length which will be needed to extend the red area to its true measurement as shown for each size. size 5 is 1&15/16" inches Size 6 is 2&1/16" inches Size 7 is 2&3/16" inches Size 8 is 2&5/16" inches Size 9 is 2&6/16" inches Size 10 is 2&1/2" inches The height of the bars is about the width of the average band. The size of the last finger digit past the knuckle changes little. If you finger does get much larger between the knuckle and the palm of the hand allow for a large enough ring size. After checking, and adjusting the total size of the red bar, cut the ring sizing strip out and tape it together without any overlap. You now should have a paper ring for a trial fit. If the paper ring is tight when placed on the finger you may need the next size ring. The paper ring has some flexibility whereas a Sterling Silver Ring will not have any flexibility. Therefore a tight "paper" fit indicates that the next size would be a better choice. Don't worry if you make an error in marking and cutting, just print out a new page and start over. If you are not sure of what to do give us a call and we will help.

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