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Gold Rings With Pieces Of Mars

Gold Rings With Piece of Mars - Exclusive Treasures from Space! Meteorites from Mars are the rarest meteorites, gram for gram they'll cost more than gold or diamonds. Experience the wonder of the universe with our collection of unique jewellery. Handcrafted jewelry made in France, the worldwide reputed country for the traditional luxury products as jewelry (Cartier, Boucheron, Mauboussin, etc.) -Gold: 750/1000 (18 karat yellow and white gold), concept and design by Luc Labenne. -Every piece is marked with a lozenge-shaped “poinçon de Maître” (master's hallmark), which guarantees its authenticity. -And also marked with an “eagle’s head” (named "Poinçon d'Etat" in French) which guarantees the metal to be 18 Karat gold.

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