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NWA 4420

NWA 4420 / Aubrite Northwest Africa 4420, Al Haggounia, Western Sahara, Morocco N 27°30', W 12°30' Found 2005 Achondrite (primitive aubrite) Mass (g): 4497 Pieces: 33 Petrography: A. Jambon, O. Boudouma and D. Badia. UPVI. Dominant enstatite and plagioclase. Troilite, graphite daubreelite, oldhamite, kamacite rich in Si, schreibersite. Geochemistry: (EMP, SEM). Enstatite : En98Fs1Wo1; plagioclase Ab78An16Or5 Classification: Primitive achondrite (aubrite); severe weathering. Main mass: P. Thomas

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