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NWA 2235

Meteorite / Lodranite NWA 2235 Lodranite NWA 2235 Near Alnif, Morocco Found 2000 Achondrite (Lodranite) A 64 g stone was purchased by Bruno Fectay and Carine Bidaut from an anonymous fossil hunter who found it within 100km of Alnif. Classification (H. Takeda, Chiba, A. Yamaguchi, NIPR): The meteorite is a coarse grained aggregate (0.5-2 mm in longest dimension) with triple point junctions, consisting mainly of olivine (Fo88), orthopyroxene (Wo2Fo85Fs13), Fe-Ni metal, troilite and minor augite (Wo40Fo54Fs6) and chromite (Cr/(Cr+Al) = 0.85, Fe/(Fe+Mg)= 0.63. Shock stage S1, weathering grade W1. Specimens: type specimen 13 g and thin section, NIPR, main mass Fectay.

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