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Carbonaceous Chondrites CB For Sale / Bencubbinites / B Chondrites The chondrites of this newly designated group are named for their type specimen Bencubbin, a meteorite that has been recovered in Australia in 1930. "CB chondrites are rare metal-rich carbonaceous chondrites and are divided into two subgroups [1]: the CBa subgroup (Bencubbin, Weatherford and Gujba), and the CBb subgroup (HH237 and QUE94411). CBa chondrites are coarse-grained (up to 1cm) and contain 40-60 vol% of FeNi metal. CBb chondrites are fine-grained and richer in FeNi metal (>70 vol%). CBb’s also have CAIs, zoned metal grains and matrix lumps. In comparison with CHs, all CB’s lack POP chondrules." Abstract from ISHEYEVO: A NEW CB CHONDRITE. M.A. Ivanova1, M.A. Nazarov1, N.N. Kononkova1, and F. Brandstaetter2.. 1Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Kosygin St. 19, Moscow 119991, Russia ( 2Naturhistorisches Museum, A-1010, Vienna, Austria.
Bencubbinites / B chondrites / Bencubbinite meteorite / B chondrite meteorite

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