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Angrite NWA 7203

The angrite NWA 7203 is a quenched angrite. One stone of 107g, covered by fusion crust, purchased by Luc Labenne. "The variolitic texture suggests rapid cooling of magma, which is common for "quenched" angrites." A “Quenched angrite is a rapidly cooled magma preserving the original state of primary igneous crystallization at 4563-4564 Ma" see: MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY OF NWA 7203: A NEW QUENCHED ANGRITE SIMILAR TO NWA 1296 AND NWA 1670. T. Mikouchi1 and M. Bizzarro2. 1Department of Earth and Plane-tary Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. E-mail: 2Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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