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Domeyko Meteorite

The Domeyko meteorite was found in 2000 by Luc Labenne while hunting for pallasite near the Imilac strewfield at Estación Zaldivar (24°13’6.25"S, 69° 5’23.72"W) The iron meteorite, a mass of 13880 g is covered on the top by pockmarks, with small wide pits and sharp ridges characteristic of Chilean irons. On the opposite side that was next to the ground the pockmarks and sharp ridges are absents. Geochemistry and classification by J.T. Wasson, UCLA. Examined slab about 15 × 5 cm. Uniform Widmanstätten pattern with bandwidth 0.7 mm. Two FeS nodules (diameters 20 and 13 mm) and three long (26 to 31 mm) Brezina lamellae. About Brezina lamellae see

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