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Ivuna Meteorite

Ivuna Meteorite For Sale Name of the Meteorite: IVUNA Type of the Meteorite: CI1, Carbonaceous chondrite (Ivuna groupe, type 1), regolith breccia. Country: Tanzania. Date of find: 1938, december 16 (17h30). Tkw: 704g. Story of the Ivuna meteorite, Tanzania. 1938, december 16 (17h30), two or three stones fell at Ivuna, near the W shore of Rukwa but one of 704g stone was recovered. Ivuna is the classic standart of the "I" designation of Carbonaceous chondrites ( Orgueil is another example of the "I" designation ). There are only 6 C1's known: Alais - Ivuna - Orgueil - Revelstoke - Tonk - Yamato 82162.
Ivuna Meteorite

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