IIC Iron Meteorites


Description: Most members of this small group of iron meteorites are plessitic octahedrites with kamacite bandwidths below 0.2 mm. Plessite is a fine intergrowth of taenite and kamacite, and it is also found in other octahedrites filling spaces between kamacite bands and taenite ribbons. However, in plessitic octahedrites it is the primary mineral.


Formation history & Origin: With regards to elemental abundances, the IIC iron meteorites are known for their high thallium content, and it is thought that they formed in the core of a small, differentiated asteroid.


Members: Group IIC consists of just eight members. Though not downright famous, the iron meteorites of Ballinoo, Salt River, and Unter-Mässing are typical members of the IIC group.

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