IIIE Iron Meteorites


Description: The members of this small group of iron meteorites are quite similar to the irons of group IIIAB, but they can be easily distinguished by several characteristic features. Structurally belonging to the class of the coarse octahedrites, the IIIE irons are characterized by short and swollen kamacite bands, and abundant inclusions of haxonite. This strange carbide is white in color, very hard, and a challenge to every saw when it comes to cutting a IIIE iron meteorite. The elemental compositions of the IIIE irons are similar to those of the IIIAB irons, but distinct enough to justify the establishment of a separate group.


Formation history & Origin: Recent research suggests that the IIIE irons are fragments of the core of a distinct parent body that formed in close proximity to the IIIAB parent body, within the same region of the early solar nebula.


Members: This small group of iron meteorites counts just 13 members. The most famous representative of group IIIE is Armanty, a real giant from China weighing more than 23 tons.

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