Pallasite Imilac 76.85 g


Imilac Meteorite

Complete Slice Pallasite Found In Chile
Weight: 76.85 g
Size: 110 x 70 x 3mm
Two Sides Mirror Polished
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The Imilac Meteorite is a pallasite from main group with angulare olivine shape). The first Imilac was found in 1822 in the Atacam desert, Chile. The total known weight is more than 920 kilograms.

History: Numerous meteorite, with individuals up to 450lb, were found in a valley to the SW of Imilac, T.Allan, Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh, 1831, 11, p.223, L.Fletcher, Min. Mag., 1889, 8, p.243.

Data sheet

Chili, Atacama Desert
Classification (Official)
Pallasite, Main Group
Certificat of Authenticity
With Picture of the Meteorite & Signature