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NWA 7034

The meteorite NWA 7034 is a unique Martian meteorite: NWA 7034 in the meteoritical bulletin: NWA 7034: HETEROGENEOUS MARS: EVIDENCE FROM NEW UNIQUE MARTIAN METEORITE NWA 7034 New Martian Meteorite is Similar to Typical Martian Crust: Ancient Water-rich Meteorite Linked to Martian Crust: BASALTIC BRECCIA NWA 7034: NEW UNGROUPED PLANETARY ACHONDRITE C. B. Agee1,2, N.V. Wilson1, F.M. McCubbin1,2, Z.D. Sharp2, K. Ziegler1. 1Institute of Meteoritics and 2Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131. Link: NWA 7034 is a basaltic breccia. The petrology and geochemistry of the NWA 7034 resembles to the martian meteorites (SNC meteorites), however its oxygen isotope values are anomalous compared to the more than 50 martian meteorites known. BASALTIC BRECCIA NWA 7034: UNIQUE 2.1 GA SAMPLE OF ENRICHED MARTIAN CRUST C.B. Agee1,2, N.V. Wilson1,2, V.J. Polyak2, K. Ziegler1, F.M. McCubbin1,2, Y. Asmerom2, Z.D. Sharp2, M.H. Nunn3, M.H. Thiemens3, and A. Steele4. 1Institute of Meteoritics and 2Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Univ. New Mexico, 3Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry, U.C. San Diego, 4Geophysical Lab, Carnegie Institution of Washington. E-mail: Link Meteoritical bulletin, entry for the NWA 7034:

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