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Vigarano Meteorite

Carbonaceous Chondrite / CV3 / Vigarano Meteorite Meteorite Name : Vigarano Type : CV3. Carbonaceous chondrite (Vigarano Group, Type 3) Country : Italy, Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara Date of Fall :1910, January 22 (11h30hrs) Tkw : 15 Kg (approx) After detonations, a stone of about 11.5kg was seen to fall, and a month later a second stone of 4.5kg was found. Description, A.Rosati, Atti R. Accad. Lincei, Roma, 1910, 19, (1), p.841, A.Rosati, Atti R. Accad. Classification, name to be used for the CV (Vigarano-) subtype of carbonaceous chondrite, olivine Fa5.6, W.R.Van Schmus, Meteorite Research, ed.
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