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Mars Rock
  • Mars Rock

Meteorite From Mars


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From The Planet Mars

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This Mars rock was analyzed and classified by researchers, M. Nazarov and M. Ivanova (Vernadsky Institute Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences); L. A. Taylor, (Dept. of geological Sciences Planetary Geosciences Institute of the Univeristy of Tennesse, USA). Analysis has revealed this meteorite named Dhofar 019 to be piece of the planet Mars ejected into space by asteroid impact.


  • Piece of the planet Mars: Partial slice of the martian meteorite Dhofar 019 (minimum size 0.12x0.12 inch = 3x3mm) which was found on Earth in a desert in the Sultanate of Oman 
  • Display Box: Originally used to house Museum specimens, the Riker Mount chipboard cases also known as butterfly boxes have found their way around the globe for all types of collectables. The Riker Mount (110x85x20mm) is the best choice to store and display the piece of the Moon, you can removed the piece of the Moon and easily replace it in the Riker Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity: As members of the "Meteoritical Society" we guarantee the authenticity of the martian meteorite