WholeSale, One Hundred Meteorites For $2.9 Each
  • WholeSale, One Hundred Meteorites For $2.9 Each

Wholesale meteorites / Meteorites For $2.9 Each


Wholesale Meteorites

One Hundred Meteorites for $2.9 each

Approx size each= 10 mm




Meteorite at wholesale price: One hundred meteorite of the famous Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite, an interesting gif idea from outer space. 



Campo del Cielo  meteorites have octahedral structure due to the composition of iron & nickel.The Campo del Cielo meteorite specimens we are offering have been carefully cleaned. The outer crust has been removed revealing the inner crystalline structure, each specimen are polished. A certificate of authenticity is included with each pieces describing the meteorite, shapes will vary.


Name: Campo Del Cielo

Location: Chaco, Gran Chaco Gualamba Argentina

Co-ordinates: 27°28'S, 60°35'W

Date of find: 1576/2000
Total known weight: 50,000kg (approx)

Number of pieces: Many shower
Type : Iron, IA Octahedrite, coarse (3.0mm) with silicate inclusions.


A mass estimated at about 15 tons was found, Don Rubin de Celis, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 1788, 78, p.37, 183, L.Fletcher, Min. Mag., 1889, 8, p.229. In 1813 a mass of about 1400lb was brought to Buenos Aires and was later given to Sir Woodbine Parish who presented it to the Nat. Hist. Mus. London, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 1834, 125, p.53. Full description, E.Cohen, Meteoritenkunde, 1905, 3, p.35. Wöhler's Iron, a 114g mass from an unknown locality in Wöhler's collection, was referred to Otumpa by A.Brezina. Described and analyzed, 7.38% Ni, F.Wöhler, Ann. Chem. Pharm. Leipzig, 1852, 81, p.252.