Shisr 166 / Lunar Meteorite
  • Shisr 166 / Lunar Meteorite
  • Shisr 166 / Lunar Meteorite

Lunar Meteorite Shisr 166, 1.69 g


Lunar meteorite Shisr 166

Weight: 1.69g

Size: 18 x 14 x 4-5 mm

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Lunar meteorite Shisr 166 in the meteoritical bulletin

Location: 18°32'56.68"N, 53°58'40.73"E

Classification: Lunar meteorite (feldspathic melt breccia)

History: One stone was found in April 2008 by Luc Labenne in the desert at night in the Sultanat of Oman

Physical characteristics: The 128.8 g meteorite lacks an obvious fusion crust. The interior consists of a gray, vesicular (up to 1.2 mm vesicles) melt matrix with rounded clasts stained red by hematite.

Classification by Randy Korotev Washington University In St Louis, USA)